Wednesday 10 November 2010


Yesterday I was in Toulouse. For many years we've considered buying a small city 'crash-pad' in Paris, but really Toulouse would be a much wiser location. It's a fabulous place.

If one wanted to live in a French city, then Toulouse has absolutely everything to offer. Its architecture is good, it has galleries, the river, the university, the best rugby club in the south, great restaurants, and of course Ikea.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see any of this yesterday, as I was simply driving Lady Magnon to the airport. She's off galavanting again in Blighty, leaving Cro, once again, home alone.


  1. Did you take that picture, Cro? (don't play with matches while she is away)

  2. Its a great shot- it looks beautiful.

  3. That's a lovely picture. It almost looks like a trick shot with the way every angle sort of fades into the water.

  4. Sounds like a beautiful place. Haha, right Ikea. I wish we had one. You know what happens when the cat's away.

  5. I've had Toulouse on my mind lately. My son took me to dinner at a Seattle restaurant called Toulouse Petit:
    Killer menu: country-French and New Orleans cuisine. I decided that the only remedy to ordering everything on the menu was to plan return trips. Many return trips. Cheers!


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