Saturday 27 November 2010

Look What I've Found.

It's official; an Eiffel Tower replica is being assembled in the woods very near to our cottage.

This giant structure is ostensibly to increase mobile phone coverage, but I'm wondering if there isn't a more sinister side to its construction. Big Brother maybe?

I'm told that if I leave a prepared casserole out on a window-sill in view of the mast, it will cook to perfection within an hour. I also hear that our pool will now stay at a permanent 28 degrees, and that the honey from bees will turn green and taste of Friars Balsam.

However, that same loony brigade tell me that if I'm cautious, and wear an aluminiun foil overcoat and matching balaclava for the rest of my life, all should be OK.

p.s. I notice that they're going to attach spikey things to it to deter hooligans. So when it's up, and no-one's looking, I definitely intend to climb to the top, and attach a Christmas Barbie Doll Fairy to the pointy bit. Well someone's got to!

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  1. Will it be lit at night like the eiffel tower or can you sort that out do you think? I thought the leaves were going brown because of the Autumn, now I know. What about the chestnut honey bees - a new variety a l'orange honey.

  2. I don't live there and yet I still don't like it. Kind of depressing. I wish we could all just turn off our phones and get over that whole thing.

  3. I don't even have a wretched mobile phone... even though I know the reception would now be wonderful.

  4. So sorry Cro...those tower-things are depressing to look at. Having said that though, my phone keeps me connected to my kids and I would be beside myself without it. Dilemma huh?

  5. Cro - that sounds to me like the bad news and the BAD news! I hate Big Brother and everything to do with it!! But I suppose the one good thing like J says, her phone keeps here connected to her family and the same goes for all of us!

  6. You know Cro, an aluminum foil overcoat might be a good look on you. Just sayin'.

  7. Hi Cro, we have a similar thing happening, they wanted to replace the power poles in our street with cement poles! Bob took up a petition as the younger families came to him scared for their children as the voltage will be going up to 66,000 volts!however we won the battle and the poles will be new ones and timber agian(poor lovely big trees) but the voltage stays the same..a win no definately not! but at least if some silly kid looses control of their car and hits a pole they may have a chance but with cement it would be lights out.With all the worry of electricity why couldn't they put the old quaint gas street lamps and give someone a job like lighting them now there is another job created but that would just be the lighting fixed we still all want electric to do other things...sad old life isn't it...wonder where the Governments will find the money to build all the brain cancer clinics in the future from all these things..shut up Carole! ok.

  8. going to need a photo of the Christmas Barbie doll fairy :)


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