Wednesday 17 November 2010

Gunna Get Slau'ad.

I mentioned recently that we receive a huge amount of supermarket advertising material. I always have a quick look through the stuff sent by the one where I shop, and was quite shocked yesterday to see the above!

A 70cl bottle of 50% alc Vodka on sale at just €7. Next to it a 70cl bottle of 40% alc Armagnac for €15. The Vodka is half the price of an ordinary 'cooking quality' Armagnac.

Personally I don't drink spirits, but a lot of children DO. In the UK it's the spirit of choice for teenage party-goers whose main ambition on a saturday night is to get as drunk as possible.

France sadly is catching up with its northern neighbours in this respect, and young French revellers are now staggering and vomiting around town and city streets at weekends; something never previously seen. A sign of the times perhaps.

Selling very strong Vodka at €7 a bottle seems to me irresponsible; if not dangerous. The only reason to buy this stuff is to get DRUNK.

€7 = £6= $9.6 for a bottle of 50% alc Vodka! How does that compare with where you live?

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  1. We woke this morning to winter's first proper FROST. Maybe a Vodka or two would help melt the ice!

  2. Yes, that's cynical marketing - vodka is the teenager's drink of choice here in Blighty.

  3. Eugh vodka. It reminds me of nail varnish remover! The spirits here seem to be quite expensive but beer and wine is very cheap.

  4. It's dirt cheap cro, in oz would be at least 30 dollars or more.


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