Thursday 18 November 2010

Glorious Gooseberries.

When was the last time you heard the word 'Gooseberry'?

I recently wrote of the destruction of my late parents' Shropshire orchard. Included in the massacre was a large netted fruit cage that contained a dozen or more rare varieties of Gooseberry. Some were large smooth and green, some were tiny hairy and red, and the others were all colours and sizes in between. It was a remarkable collection of unusual varieties that must have taken years to amass. All of these were destroyed in the mindless clearance.

Anyway; I love Gooseberries. I did plant a few bushes here in France about 40 years ago, but they all succumbed to some horrible disease. Recently I've noticed that they are making a come-back in the area, so I'm going to re-plant.

Gooseberries to me are a bit like like Rhubarb; essential in the garden, and eaten every so often as a special treat. Stewed Goosberries and thick clotted cream, Gooseberry fool, a Gooseberry tart. Does no-one eat these delights any more? Well, from 2011 onwards I certainly intend to.


  1. The word "gooseberry" alone conjures thoughts of Mother Goose and all things ancient and lovely.

  2. After my parents were flooded out of Canvey Island, we moved to Southampton and were assigned temporary pre-fab housing. I remember sitting on the coal shed in the garden with my sisters and eating gooseberries from the bush that grew behind it. I think that was the first time I ever had a 'belly-ache'.

  3. Here's a nice recipe... look forward to seeing how you got on with it at crimbo.

  4. I like gooseberries too. We've got (or did have) a couple of bushes in the garden. One succumbed to an errant strimmer! Just hope it recovers by next year! I still think it's absolute sacrilege all those fruit trees and bushes were destroyed at your parents' home Cro!

  5. I remember picking gooseberries as a kid. They were great! Couldn't eat too many though....


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