Thursday 4 November 2010


Let me introduce you to Robbie Baskerville. Robbie's a big boy, and in his hey-day looked as if he'd have your arm off just for a light morning snack. Nowadays he's getting old; he's greying around the muzzle, his bones ache, and the younger whipper-snapper local dogs like to taunt him.

He belongs to my friend and neighbour José, and he's the boss of three farm dogs; the other two being Jimbo (who has a broken ear), and Robbie's young and inseperable side-kick; the hooligan Duke.

Robbie is very independent, he walks about a mile to see me at least once a day. He tidies up all the scraps, does a couple of tours around the garden, then pisses on anything previously un-pissed-upon.

I've known Robbie all his life, and we have a sort of mutual understanding about dog/human relationships. He looks (or did look) totally ferocious, but is a complete softy. I don't suppose he's got many more years (or even months) in him, so I'm presenting him to you before it's too late.

A wonderful dog is our Robbie; a real local character and a really great friend.

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  1. I Like him muchly..what a good friend..Carole

  2. Thanks's very nice to meet Mr. Baskerville, a very elegant-looking gentleman.

  3. Our neighbours have four lovely dogs but Diane has to be our favourite. I’m not sure what breed she is (some sort of hound) but she is very gangly with scruffy grey and black course hair, has very long droopy ears, big doleful eyes and enormous paws. She visits us daily and sits outside the kitchen door until I see her. She never barks, whines or scratches at the door. She just patiently sits there until I notice her peering through the glass. She knows she will be rewarded by a small piece of saucisson.

  4. Sue, if I come begging at your back door, will I get Saucisson too? Or Chorizo maybe?

  5. Kisses for sweet old Robbie. What a good friend he has in you.

  6. Naturellement! And a glass of red if you sit nicely...


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