Friday 24 September 2010

Those Ceiling Timbers

Boy, am I pleased to have this part of the build finished. It's been really back-breaking work, cutting then lifting heavy oak beams into place, by myself, with just a ladder. If I ever do anything like this again (which I don't plan to), I'll invest in a simple bit of scaffolding.

Anyway, it's all up there now, and it just remains for me to put the boards up above. I'd planned to buy the boards yesterday and put them up over the next couple of days, but there's rain forecast, so I'm not going to risk it. There's no rush!

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  1. Mm...progress on the folly. Well done you, but I suspect you've been out in the fields with Tom eating magic mushrooms.

  2. Those are some heavy-duty beams. Looking pretty, Cro.

  3. That's amazing. You're getting so close to the finished product! I guess you have to drywall and all that neat stuff, huh?

  4. Well done - it's looking good!

  5. There you go Cro...being a clever old stick all over again.
    Do you have a family history of all this building did this passion come about?

  6. Jacqueline. No, no family in the building biz. I'm just pig-headed in wanting to create something BIG.


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