Tuesday 7 September 2010

It's Official; Autumn's (Crocuses are) here.

Look what I've discovered hidden deep inside the unkempt undergrowth; Autumn Crocus. I love these little spring-like flowers, they grow in a spot where there are also Sweet Williams; another of my perennial favourites.

If that's not a sure sign of approaching cooler weather (even if we are still having temperatures of well above 25 C), then I don't know what is!

A couple of years back, my neighbour, Laurence, gave me a handful of 'Saffron' Crocus bulbs; all being well, they will flower this year and we shall have our very first crop of real saffron.

Until then, the barometer is falling like crazy, and tonight we could be having our first proper rain for WEEKS........ Flash, Bang, Wallop.....Stormy!! It's playing havoc with my computer.

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  1. Apparently there was quite a lot of flash, bang, wallop last night. But as per usual I slept through it all, totally oblivious. Haven't seen any sign of our autumn crocus (crocii?) yet.

  2. Sue. If your garden is as scruffy and weed-infested as chez nous, you'll need to delve. They SHOULD be up!

  3. All is terribly dry here, as well. We have spring crocus, but I've never heard of the fall variety. Lovely.

  4. I hadn't heard of Autumn Crocus either, but they are very pretty just like the spring ones. About the only flowers in my garden are chive blossoms and morning glories.

  5. Those Autumn crocus are making an early appearance Cro. Gives you quite a buzz to find tiny shoots emerging! We've had heavy rain here today as well!

  6. Love your wee flowers Cro. Mother Nature just cranked up the thermostat here...sigh...will autumn ever come?

  7. Lots of fog here and a chill in the air...past couple of days rain fell and when taking a walk in the evening you can smell firewood burning from the chimneys. It's sweater time and the winter pansies are getting ready for planting.
    No fall crocus here just some nasturtiums that are still flowering and are creeping under the fence from the next door neighbours garden into mine.


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