Saturday 25 September 2010

Quinces Anyone?

Once again our compact Quince tree has gone crazy. Everyone who owns a Quince will now be asking the same thing; what on earth are we going to do with them all?

One can only make so much Jelly, so much Membrillo, or so much wallpaper paste. The problem is that the fruits are so hard and inedible in their natural state that whatever one decides to make with them needs considerable preparation.

I think my favourite way of eating them is roasted. I peel them, cut them in quarters or eighths lengthwise, and roast them aside a chicken, or joint of pork. This way they are surprisingly good.

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  1. You had the same problem last year, didn't you, Cro? I love quince, but in smaller measures than you are producing right now. It's a pain, but if you can be bothered, they make a great sauce, or - if you keep on boiling - a great membrillo.

  2. I've still got Membrillo from last year! My surfeit looks to be an annual problem.

  3. I found a list of recipes:

    Not sure that I've ever had any quince. I'm curious now!

  4. I don't think I've ever tasted quince but they sound good roasted the way you said.

  5. I have to admit that I have never eaten quince but what a pretty tree. oh and thank you so much cro for following my blog and always leaving such lovely comments,
    sue :)

  6. How funny - tonight, a man I have never met before has given me a big bag of quince. For me, they typify the confectioner's fruit of bygone days, before citrus was imported or grown for the lucky few in orangeries. They are a taste of the past, from history.

  7. Here is an interview I did plus a review of a quince cookbook you might be interested in. Simply Quince: Interview with quince cookbook author Barbara Ghazarian

  8. Hi BBD. Thanks for that. I'll have to re-think my attitude; quickly! I was brought up on Quince Jelly, but can't find any enthusiasm amongst family members, which takes the fun out of the preparation.

    By the way, I was at school with an Armenian guy; his family name was 'Armenian'.

  9. Roasted? What a good idea. I'll try it.

    Membrillo was a disaster here - but at least it got rid of a huge amount of quince. Jelly was a success.

    There's an awful lot to experiment with here.


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