Thursday 9 September 2010


I am no botherer of gods, angels, pixies, goblins, or devils, but there is something about Ganesh that draws me to him, and gives me confidence in his mystic powers.

He is The Remover of Obstacles (and, strangely, The Placer of Obstacles), The Lord of Beginnings, Patron of Arts and Sciences, and Deva of Intellect and Wisdom. He is also The Bringer of Prosperity and Good Fortune; and, it has to be said, he's very easily identified. What more could one ask from a deity?

Many years ago I saw a large aged bronze Ganesh in a Brighton shop. It was quite expensive, so I didn't buy it. I very soon regretted my miserliness, and returned to correct matters. The beautiful Lord Ganesh had, of course, been sold, and I had missed my opportunity.

Since then I've not seen another as well crafted, but when eventually I do, I shall not hesitate. He will survey my realm, and bring me fortune. He will clear my earthly path, and point me in the good direction.

If he doesn't; I shall want a refund!

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  1. And will anyone talk about the elephant in the room, after you've brought it home?

  2. In all due respect, he reminds brings to mind my bathtub faucet.

    Actually, your post ties in nicely with my piece today, on a spiritual level, that is.

  3. If you find a museum that has a statue of him in their collection, you could see if there are any remakes in the gift shop, or online. Good luck!

  4. I've seen bath taps in the form of swans, serpents, and mermaids; never as Elephants. Sounds intriguing.

  5. ...when travelling in India a few years ago, a friend of mine stopped to look at some local carvings being sold on the road side. He picked up a statue of Ganesh and turned to the vendor and asked...
    "Why do you have so many Gods".
    The vendor raised his hands to heart centre, and with his head moving in that odd circular motion...answered with great wisdom...
    "Oh, sir we have many problems, we need many Gods!"

  6. Of all the Hindu gods..Ganesh is my favourite...he is beautiful and beneficial. What's not to love?

  7. I totally agree. And THAT from a good atheist boy!


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