Tuesday 14 September 2010

The Willow Ball. Guest Confirmations.

Lady Magnon and I have both accepted our very kind invitations to The 'Star-Studded' Willow Ball, at the end of the month. Lady M has suggested that, rather than going together (far too predictable), we should find our own individual partners. She's in London at the moment where, amongst other things, she'll visit her courturier, Viv Westwood, for the finishing touches to her rather extravagant new ball-gown.

As for our chosen partners, we decided that we should try to make contact with old, long-lost, friends, and she has plumped for Jonathan Ashmore. Lady M was at Art College in Brighton at the same time that Jonathan was just up the road at Sussex University. Jonathan has obviously grown up since his unicorn days (or even his University days), although I must say I do still picture him as the little boy above. We've not previously met, so I look forward to doing so.

My own dance-partner will be little Lesley Hornby. We last met over 40 years ago when she was still no more than a schoolgirl. Her boyfriend at the time (my old business associate Nigel Davies) used to answer all her questions for her; so it'll be interesting to hear her think, and speak, for herself for a change. I remember seeing the very first load of photographs that Nigel had commissioned (and subsequently sent around the world); a lot of water's passed under the bridge since those days, and I'm very much looking forward to meeting up with her again.

As J-P Gaultier is busy sewing my new 'cut-a-dash' dinner jacket, I shall pop up to Paris for a final fitting in a couple of days time.... All building projects will have to be put on hold!


  1. Well Cro!!! that all sounds way above me but fantastic,I do hope we all get to see pics of the evening,sounds simply beaut.Carole

  2. Carole. Do visit....


    Scroll around a bit, all will be explained!

  3. Twiggy! How delightful! Looking forward to an interesting chat. Ashmore was such an adorable boy. Looking forward to seeing him now. (gotta see "A Kid for Two Farthings" again before the ball)

  4. I'm confused, but jealous! I'll go have a look to clear my head.

  5. Sounds like a lorra lorra fun Cro! I thought that was Twiggy in the picture before I read Willow's comment. Hope she's as sweet as ever and hasn't gone Trunky. Have a great time at the Cyber Ball!

  6. Aren't you going Molly?..V and I are, if only to meet Twiggy and Ashmore...!

  7. Of course she's going. Aren't you Molly!


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