Wednesday 15 September 2010

State Visit To UK.

Yes folks, it's confirmed. A tax-payer funded State visit will begin tomorrow (Thursday Sept 16th).

Heads of State, it seems, are always awarded public funding when they visit the UK, and King Joseph of The Vatican City State will be no exception. (current cost estimate min £25,000,000)

As State Sovereign (he rules over a population of 826, in an area of 0.17 sq ml) he will be awarded all the courtoisies offered to other more powerful, or more important, State leaders. He will meet the Hoi-Polloi, shake hands with the needy, and dine (sumptiously) with the good and the great.

No doubt some will wave little Vatican State flags, and some will hurl abuse. But all in all it's going to be a fun few days, and a sighting of his bizarre white bullet-proof car is an event not to be missed.

King Joseph (Ratzinger) is also a big-wig in the religion business, so you might catch up with him on one of his (Catholic) church visits.


  1. I didn't think he was worthy of much comment either!

  2. p.s. We now hear that the reason for his visit as 'Head of State', is because as such he has immunity from arrest. Had he arrived simply as a religious leader, no such right would have been awarded him, and the likes of Peter Tatchell would have been attempting to arrest him where ever he went. We couldn't have that, now could we!


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