Friday 10 September 2010

Chestnut Woods.

The Chestnut woods are already being mown, ready for when the nuts begin to drop....

...and the trees are becoming filled with their ever swelling spikey husks.

Recent heavy rain means two things; firstly the nuts should grow to a good size, and secondly it's more than likely that we'll have a decent mushroom (cepe) harvest.
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  1. I have fond memories of buying roast chestnuts in London. The bags kept us warm as we wandered around and they tasted good too.
    I've never been able to roast chestnuts at home that tasted anywhere near as good as the London ones.

  2. I remember the old chestnut men in London too (Johnny Morris), Kate. These days, they probably all use French chestnuts. Let's hope you're right about the cepes too, Cro.

  3. Kate. Last winter Lady Magnon and I went on a particularly long walk through the woods. About half way through I produced two hot baked potatoes that I'd secretly brought along. I can assure you that they warmed our hands for ages, and then provided a really delicious snack. A good alternative to chestnuts!

    Tom. My fingers are permanently crossed.

  4. Chestnuts always remind me of leaving school on an autumn day. V and I would collect them on the way to the bus stop and eat them on the ride home. Sometimes it would take the whole 20-minute ride just to get one peeled, and it always gave me indigestion...but that never stopped us. Silly girls!

  5. I love the little spiky flowers. They're very Dr. Seuss-ish!

  6. This year as just flown by - kicking up the Autumn leaves and chestnut time again! The weather here has been just right for mushrooms too! Fried field mushrooms and bacon are out of this world!!

  7. Molly, we have one quite large 'fairy ring' in our paddock where, in field mushroom season, I gather a handful of nice young mushrooms every morning. However, if there are cepes about, they tend to be ignored. I agree about mushrooms and bacon.


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