Monday 13 September 2010

Grumpy's Handy-Boys

I'm pleased to say that my two UK-based grandsons have inherited something of their Grumpy's skills at DIY.

As happens so often in homes with small children, Ollie (the younger one) managed to release quite a large piece of wallpaper from its confines. But, as luck would have it, Harvey J was on hand with hammer and nails to put it back again.

A pretty neat job of 'invisible mending' I'd say! I could hardly have done better myself!
(I probably should explain that as I was mid-Skype to my son on saturday, HJ (above) came into view saying 'Ollie's torn the wallpaper, but it's OK, I've fixed it'. My son went to inspect; and the above is what he found!)


  1. Of course...makes perfect sense...well done Harvey J!
    He must be of the school of my old Mum "If you can't fix it, force it!"

  2. Love it! You could hang a whole bunch of really tiny pictures on each nail head.

  3. "Grumpy" makes me laugh every time. Years after the fact, we found that our youngest son and his friend, had taken a hammer to the drywall of a seldom used cubbyhole/storage area at WM. They made a great demolition team.

  4. Well how wonderful he could work all that out and a great job lol DIY man in the making as you say. Carole


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