Thursday 2 September 2010

Another Progress (?) Report.

No scaffolding, no safety harness, no standby-nurse with plasters. One bucket of mortar at a time. One 18 kg block at a time. My building methods are not really ideal; but I AM an amateur.

However, I'm now onto the last row of blocks before I tackle the roof. My holiday is over, and, as foreseen, September has marked my return to builder's-cleavage, sand, & cement.

After this last row of blocks comes one of the most important elements to THE LOOK of the finished build; The 'Génoise'.

If you look back at the top picture in my yesterday's post, you will see, between the walls and the roof, a thin projecting band of decorative tile-work that brings the roof out slightly from the wall. This classic French feature (The Génoise) can 'make or break' the look of a building. If done too neatly, with modern tiles, the result will look modern. If done Cro-style (scruffy), with old materials, and not too cleanly, it should eventually give the building the impression of being old.

My fingers are crossed.

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  1. Well Cro I like it already,great job and can't wait to see your next instalment.Carole

  2. Not even a light tower-scaffold? Oh well, it's your tower. Remind me - is it going to be rendered, or just painted?

  3. Rendered! I've found a locally quarried, slightly pinkish, yellow sand that looks like the same stuff that was used to build the house all those years ago. So I'm hoping the two will blend together. After that it'll be the work of evergreen creepers to help with ageing.

  4. Oh wow, it's really getting tall now! Again, I'm so excited to see the work as you go along.

  5. Builder's cleavage is commonly known as "plumber's butt" in my neck of the woods.

    (btw, did you notice I used my newest word "scrump" in my latest poetical offering, thanks to you?)

  6. I'm very impressed with your building skills Cro.
    The Genoise (you'll have to imagine the little accent on the first 'e')is tres cool. Is Lady M holding a safety net out for you as well as the camera?

  7. Hello Cro, I really like the project you are working on. I noticed your comment on willow's post about the ball. You know Ms. C. will want to be escorted by someone famous herself, maybe not as handsome, but you should be okay to escort a lovely. LOL BTW a lovely structure in progress. Very romantic.

  8. Is this an eccentric lord of the manor/ folly tower/ French- English thing to do? If so it's quite wonderful. Are you planning to have a study at the top of yours like Montaigne?

  9. Kate, you're probably right. No study. Just one ground floor room, which no doubt will be filled with junk by Lady M.

    Yes, Willow, I did notice. And was somewhat amused!


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