Monday 6 September 2010

Andy Fairweather-Low - Wide Eyed and Legless

I can't get rid of this blank space. Sorry! Just scroll down a bit.

Maybe I have strange taste in music, but this has to be one of my all time favourite records. It really takes me back to the days when I was foot-loose-and-fancy-free (and probably wide-eyed and legless as well).

I'm not certain, but I think A F-L wrote this after his wife (or girlfriend) left him; she just couldn't cope with his heavy drinking.

I see that Georgie Fame is playing on keyboard; I don't think he was ever a member of any of Andy's bands. I also notice that the audience is made up of balloon waving children; an odd choice of song to play for kids, but maybe they didn't listen to the words!

Nowadays A F-L often works as Eric Clapton's guitarist; a sure reason to be convinced of his huge talent!


  1. Sorry - I've always hated this one, but there are a load of duff tunes from the same period that I like too (for some reason). Everyone said they hated Abba at the time, but secretly bought the records...

  2. Oh goody, now I can 'fess up to having liked Amen Corner.

    Wordpress plays around with formatting too. Grr..

  3. Lady M is an Abba fan.... but that's just because she's Swedish.

    If paradise is half as nice....

  4. I don't think I've ever heard it before, but it has a nice happy flow to it—kind of a mix of Am Pop and country. It's Saturday night music. He looks a little cooped up in that glass box though!

  5. We often like records through association. It must have meant something at the time!

  6. Another strange one here Cro because I like that one too. I remember it first time round!


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