Thursday 1 April 2010

Yet more food from the garden.

I've just been down to Haddock's to pull these beauties. OK, they may not be the fattest or longest leeks in the world, but they are OUR leeks and they come unadulterated, and almost free.

These particular leeks I grew from seed; usually I buy big ready-grown bunches of baby plants that look rather like mini-spring-onions.

We're having a pretty turbulent spring so far. Hot and dry one day, cold and wet the next. So Leek and Potato soup is back on the lunchtime menu.

The leeks are probably a bit small to be pulled as yet, but there's an old gardening maxim that advises eating things as soon as they're edible. Otherwise you can end up with a glut.

I am part Welsh, so leeks are in my blood.

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  1. Those leeks look just perfect to me. I always prefer my vegetables young. Autumn has come very suddenly here (even though we still desperately need rain) so leek and potatoe soup sounds just right.

  2. I believe that there is far more nourishment to be gained by lifting plants earlier than later. All to do with the life-force that they contain, which is why quite a few of us eat sproutings of Alfalfa and Broccoli, to name but two.

  3. Heron's view about eating life forces is verging on Catholic, as far as I can make out. Eat what you can, and can what you can't!

  4. All depends what one means by 'life-force'. It could mean vitamin-content, or it could mean some form of vegetable ley-line. Personally I grow organically because it seems more logical and healthy. I pulled these young leeks simply because I NEEDED some. We all have our own reasons; vive la difference!

  5. I have a great recipe for leek and roasted pumpkin risotto- your leeks would be perfect!

  6. Maiden, I think I can probably work that out just by the title. I'll give it a go. We still have ONE Butternut Squash left from last year which would be ideal.

  7. Its lovely finished with marscapone cream stirred through and parmesan cheese and butter..let me know how you go!


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