Saturday 3 April 2010

Easter: Its origins.

As everyone knows, Easter is the ancient Roman festival of Chocolate and Hot-cross-bun eating.

Originally known as 'Eaters', this month-long festival was celebrated by those who could consume more than their own body-weight of Chocolate before lunch, then tackle a mountain of Hot-cross-buns before dinner.

The eventual winners of the various regional eating competitions were carried aloft through the streets of Rome, their homes painted in Chocolate, and a life's supply of Chocolate-covered-hot-cross-buns presented by the local Mayor on 'Eaters Day'.

Often, the over-consumption of Chocolate caused serious stomach troubles for the winning contestants, and it was said that if they were not 'Good-by-Friday', then the winner's title should be bestowed on whoever had come second. All prizes were traditionally presented on 'Eaters Day', two days after what became known as 'Good (by) Friday'.

Today the tradition continues. The original name has changed slightly, but the spirit of over-indulgence lives on. Bring on the Chocolate!!! (at least, for Lady Magnon)

HAPPY EASTER everyone.

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