Friday 23 April 2010


In my 'Gnome' posting of April 10th, Tom Stephenson commented about antique 'Bowls Playing' Gnomes. It reminded me of the above.

About 20 years ago, this ridiculous jug caught my eye in a local newsagent/souvenir shop. I simply could not resist it.

It stands about 30cms high, lives tucked away on a crowded shelf, yet continues to make me laugh every time I handle it.

The south of France is filled with boules players who look exactly like this. The shirt, white trousers, hat and moustache, tell you at once that he's a 'pétanque' aficionado. If you ever met him, he would certainly have the same accent as Fernandel, and, if he wasn't throwing his arms about, would no doubt be drinking Pastis.

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  1. Great jug Cro - I want one. Every year, here in Bath, we have a boules tournament in Queen's Square, which is attended by celebrities like some of the Pythons, Joanna Lumley, etc. It is often won by the French contingent (Beaujolais Restaurant), and it's a great laugh and piss-up for charity. Your jug would be a great prize.

  2. Good thing Lady M didn't post this. "Great Jugs Lady M"....


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