Friday 16 April 2010

Slug infested wall.

What's the connection between slugs, and old stone walls? Well, as every gardener knows, the two are synonymous.

This old wall up at Haddock's is full of the little blighters, and it's as much as I can do to stem their constant flow towards my seedlings. On a wet night it's like watching a well-equiped army advancing against a helpless foe.

Gardeners will always tell you of fool-proof slug traps involving beer, thorns, sawdust, wood ash, old socks, coffee grounds, rolled-up copies of 1950's Readers Digest, etc, etc. Believe me; none of them works.

As a so-called 'organic' gardener, it saddens me to have to admit that without slug-pellets I would have no veg'. So, all along the edge of the wall (well away from my crops) I sprinkle small blue pellets that save my blood from boiling. There's nothing more infuriating than to find that a whole row of fresh seedlings has been munched off by slugs.

I'm sorry you slugs; but you leave me no alternative!

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  1. Rolled-up copies of 1950's Reader's Digest?!! TOO funny!

    In spite of their voracious appetites, I still find slug eggs to be a thing of beauty -- tiny glistening full moons beneath a stone.

  2. Oh, such a common problem as we have here also! I like your plan of attack Cro. I too get so angry when they chew on my plants. Jim used to do slug patrol every morning before he went to work and that helped, but , what really helps is the ducks, they love love love slugs and snails!

  3. Hi girls. I'm pleased that my problem rings bells. Sorry T, I really can't agree about the eggs; they are The Enemy! Linda, whenever it rained our ducks would wander, and we were told that they could die if they ate slugs; which, of course, they were after. Sadly, I shall stick to my pellets.

  4. Yoo hoo, Cro. Be sure to get the pellets that are safe for animals. I once called the veterinarian to ask if the regular ones are that dangerous. They told me that they are the WORST poison for pets ever! Worse than antifreeze. At least with antifreeze they can be saved but with the slug pellets they can never save them and it's a gruesome, painful death. That did it for me. I went out of my way to get the right kind. I know they are more expensive but what's the worst thing to happen-you spend a little more or kill unintentionally your neighbor's much loved pet or even your own. Love your wall and I know how you feel about those little devils. I once planted a full flat of petunias for my mom and when I checked how they were doing a week later every one was totally gone! There wasn't even any evidence that they had been planted except a few nubs of stem. I was so mad.

  5. Julie. My only consolation in all this is that I DO buy 'Environmentally Friendly' pellets. As you say, they are much more expensive but essential. Thanks for your comment.


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