Tuesday 27 April 2010

Esther Phillips.

Poor old Esther. Who could ever forget her version of 'What a Difference a Day Makes'.

Yet another junkie jazz singer. She died back in 1984 from the effects of heroin and alcohol, aged only 50.

But, I suppose that if any of us could leave behind a legacy as staggering as 'What a Difference...' we'd be pretty darned happy. So, well done Esther. Thanks for your voice. Thanks for enriching my life. Thanks for just being you.

If by some amazing gap in your life you don't know the above song; Google it NOW.
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  1. Yes, that's a great toon, Cro. I recently heard a recording of Whitney Houston live in the UK, who has had her own problems over the last few years. It was dire, and I hope she does allow herself to go down the same road as Amy Winehouse.

  2. I heard that WH was recently boo'd off stage in England. Silly girl; she should have known when to retire.

  3. I'm thinking I like the Dinah Washington version much better. It's the way I always sing it around the house; slow and easy, just like molasses. Now I have to go listen to some Billie Holiday as well.

    Too bad about the way she died : (

  4. Thank goodness we all think differently, otherwise only ONE version would ever have been sold (or performed). Personally I think DW's version is TOO slow, and she doesn't have that SMACK in her voice. No, give me Esther any day!


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