Monday 12 April 2010


When I was about 12, I had a teacher who owned an all-white English Bull Terrier, rather like the one above.

Every day he would bring his dog to class, and every day we would flick ink, or stick chewing gum, onto its back as it moved between the desks in the classroom.

The following morning the dog would re-appear totally ink-free and clean; a brand new canvas awaiting its aspiring junior Jackson Pollocks. The teacher never said a word.

Eventually we became tired of our little game and we left the dog un-decorated.

I've often wondered about the philosophy behind this particular teacher's attitude. Was it simply easier to wash the dog than to make enquiries? Was he teaching us a subtle lesson in patience? Or maybe he was demonstrating that to even notice such puerile japes was infra dignitatum. For whatever reason, he taught us an invaluable lesson, and I thank him.

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  1. Those English B. T.s (and Staffies) have such a good temper with children - all the more astounding when you consider how formidable they are as fighting machines!

  2. That must have been the cleanest dog ever! (I love this photo)

  3. This photo made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that.

  4. Me too, T. (Hell, I feel a song coming on: too for T, and T for too...)

  5. so cute, and where'd you get that darling picture!...a grandson possibly?

  6. Linda, I'm afraid it came through in a 'round-robin' Email entitled 'Why boys need parents'. Most of the other pictures are unprintable, although I might just attempt one or two.

  7. What a marvelous photo and such a patient dog!

    Book Dilettante


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