Tuesday 13 April 2010

Spike Milligan.

The name of Spike Milligan is known to every English and Irish man; but quite possibly not anywhere else; other than Australia. (This may not be so; see Comments. In fact he is quite possibly known absolutely everywhere!).

Milligan was a comic; he wrote a very successful war-time radio comedy show called 'The Goons'. He was also a good friend of Prince Charles.

Other than being a tad bonkers, he was also an erstwhile 'poet'....


Things that go bump in the night
should not really give one a fright.
It's the hole in each ear
that lets in the fear.
That, and the absence of light.

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  1. What about NZ? We are Spike fans...I hope your knees fall off.

  2. Perhaps Cro thinks that we, in good old N.Z., are already part of Australia.

  3. Sorry. You're quite right, of course. It's just that he had family in Oz and used to go there quite a lot, hence being so well known.

    John, your pix of south NZ need some words! I need to know more.

  4. Glasse half-full: Did you read my piece below? I'm sure you'll remember this.

  5. And Milligan specialised in McGonegal recitals.

  6. I would wait each week to sit by the radio in the living room - crouch, cuddle, get as close as I could is more like it - to lose myself in the Goon Show. Rare happy times for me.


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