Monday 26 April 2010

The Brighton Falcon.

No, not that sort of Falcon, Cro. The Peregrine Falcon.... The bird type!

Tom Stephenson has posted his version. Here is mine.

Derby may have its Falcon nesting high above its cathedral, but Brighton's is atop an ugly high-rise block of flats with the best sea views on the south coast.

You can watch the Brighton spectacle LIVE by clicking on the link below.

Now then, lots of ooohs and aaahs....


  1. Ok, I've saved it, but I run the risk of Peregrine Fatigue this season...

  2. How I love Brighton. They forgot to put the bloody lights on! So if you were watching this at night all you would have seen was BLACK. Give that man a salary increase!

  3. N.B. Do scroll down from the first image to where is says 'Watch Live Video', then click on 'Alternative Page Available Here' to see real-time live pictures.


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