Friday 29 March 2013

What did you just say?

Cro: Brakes like Broccoli?

Lady M: What?

Cro: You just said I was to be careful because the driver in front has 'Brakes like Broccoli'. (It sounded like an Irish expression, so I stressed the words in my finest Irish accent).

Lady M: Actually, I said 'He might brake abruptly'.

Cro: Oh right; nothing to do with Broccoli then... (hearty laughter all round).

p.s. This 'conversation' was able to take place because Lady Magnon has recently passed her 'Senior Advanced Back Seat Driver Certificate', and was giving me some very helpful tips about road-safety.


  1. ......that is a spouse job...........

  2. I have been a holder of this internationally recognised and highly regarded certificate for many years.

  3. Let's not be sexist about this. My drivers used to draw straws to see who would be driving me that day. Shortest straw lost. I am qualified to instruct and certify driving instructors. Driving me, they all said, was worse than doing their driving test. Except Rodrigues (Roddy). If I was being driven by Roddy I kept my mouth shut. He once pulled the car to a halt, got out and said, 'Either sack me in which case you can drive yourself home or keep quiet and let me do the driving'. Man I had to respect him for that!

  4. Maybe she was concerned you wouldn't hear the squealing of the brakes until it was too late! ;)

  5. oooo, I'm jealous! I only have the intermediate certificate!

  6. I saw a sticker on the passenger side dashboard of a car once, and it read, "Get in, don't touch anything and shut up."

  7. My husband could so relate to this post. I am the WORLD'S WORST at back seat driving! (or is it the world's best?) We BSD's just can't help ourselves!! It is out of our mouth before we even think about it!!!

  8. Her next tip may be to get yourself a hearing aid.

    1. Sounds like a "conversation" or attempt at one, in our house, with my ears being the bad ones. If you have an extra trumpet, my family would appreciate it.

  9. HA! Too funny. I'm afraid we have some miscommunications around here at times, too, simply because I "hear" something other than what he actually says. Not quite ready to get a hearing aid, though. (But an ear trumpet might be kinda cool.)

  10. Hilarious. That's usually me that hears 'when will the penguin peel off the wallpaper?' instead of 'Shall I lay the table for tea?' etc.

    I am a passenger seat driver. My partner has (at the age of 57) recently learnt to drive (it's a long story). I try and restrict my comments to zero but have been accused of too loudly drawing in my breath between my teeth. (Don't tell him, but he is REALLY SCARY sometimes!)


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