Tuesday 12 March 2013

Early March, and Sprouting Sprouts.

There are Daffs bursting into flower in the oddest of places, Daisies are carpeting the lawn, and the pink buds are swelling on the Peach trees. Underneath the Sumacs there are Violets, Cowslips, and purple Clover flowers.

Catkins are dangling from the hazels, Pussy Willow now lines the woodland paths, and tiny leaves are appearing on the Quince.

Neighbours arrive bearing green gifts, talk is of sowing Onions and Garlic, and the hens are laying. I'm grubbing-up last year's finished Chard plants, and, 'praise be', my purple sprouting Broccoli plants are sprouting purple flowers (below); my absolute favourite veg' of the year, we'll be eating these tonight.

At Haddock's, I've noticed that each remaining sprout on the Brussels Sprouts stems, are beginning to sprout. I shall leave them (as an experiment), as it looks likely that I'll soon be eating flowering sprout sprouts. Not much to sprout about; but still.....

Has anyone else ever eaten sprouting sprouts?

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  1. Lovely to see a sunny photo we are having blizzards at the moment and spring seems a long way off. My psb shows no signs of doing anything yet. Surely eating sprouting sprouts would be the same as eating sprout tops.

  2. sprouting sprouts are delicious. tender and sweet. eat immediately!

  3. That purple sprouting broccoli looks good. Drought still in evidence here although rain forecast for the weekend it will take a lot to moisten the soil.

  4. What a wonderful time of year.

  5. Yes, Spring is on it's way! Does France to the Daylight Saving's Time? It sucks.

  6. That broccoli is beautiful. Do you actually eat the purple part?

    1. Yes. It's the best bit, and if my sprouts sprout, they will probably have yellow flowers.

  7. I saw three, count 'em three! snowdrops yesterday...then the snow came again and covered them all up...


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