Saturday 9 March 2013

Raindrops keep falling on my....

A couple of days ago I repainted an old console table, which I left outside to dry.

Last night it rained, and this is the result. A beautiful gathering of tiny droplets covering its top.

Little Miss Nature has some clever tricks up her sleeves.

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  1. Substitute the droplets for insects congealed in varnish and you have nature's favourite trick for restorers here.

  2. What a neat picture! Yep, you definitely have the eye of an artist.

  3. How beautiful,nature at her best.

  4. beautiful- and by the way, I agree about commercial civility.... from the other side of the counter the pressure is on the employee, sell, sell, sell.

  5. That is an awesome photo!! Did you get a new camera? I don't think my humble digital camera could capture that. Good Eye!

  6. Love droplet pics...I'm obsessed with taking them myself...


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