Saturday 3 September 2011


We'd just returned home from this year's final 'Marché des Producteurs' of 2011, up at Lumberjack, when the skies darkened and a full scale storm predicted the imminent arrival of Autumn.

The boys watched as the 'Son et Lumiere' lit up the night sky. Then, when the deluge eventually arrived, we confined ourselves to barracks, and candlelight.

The two scallywags are now en route for England, with one overnight stay in Paris to break the journey.

Back to school on Monday, when, no doubt, all their adventures will be retold a hundred times over.

See you again soon, I hope, my lovely boys. Grumpy misses you already!
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  1. That was a big, bad storm. I cowered nervously in the dark while husband thought it was all great entertainment.
    I expect your house seems quiet without the boys. Don't be too sad. They'll be back!

  2. The air is getting thick, warm and heavy here too Cro.

  3. Never fear...they'll be back to see their Grumpy.

  4. Big thunderstorms expected here this weekend too Cro...hopefully it will cut the hot and humid atmosphere (inside and outside of my head).
    I understand totally how you must be missing those lovely boys.

  5. They'll remember that forever, I bet. They are just adorable!

  6. Ooh, I love that shot of the lightning.

    Do what I did when my grandchildren left. Let their fingerprints linger for a few days. Every time you look at them, you'll smile.

  7. We're just leaving the toys all over the place!

  8. They are, indeed, the most lovely boys... Grumpy is so very lucky to have them...

  9. I just love little boys and those two look scrumptious..,.

  10. Hope your lovely boys had a safe journey home. Here's betting they're missing Grampy too.

  11. Beautiful opening shot - and those blond boys. You're a lucky man, Cro!


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