Thursday 22 September 2011

Oy.... that's mine!

Edward (my son-in-law's dad) told me this story the other day.

He was at some airport in America (probably en route to his Naples Florida home) and was waiting for his suitcase to arrive on the conveyor belt. Suddenly he saw it emerge from the unknown, and just before it arrived at where he was standing, an arm reached out and grabbed it.

Edward approached the man and said 'Excuse me sir, you've got my suitcase'.

The man replied. 'This is MY suitcase'.

Edward continued 'I think you'll find that it has MY name on the label'.

The man said 'No, it has MY name on the label'.

At this point Edward grabbed the suitcase, looked at the label, and said 'There you are sir, Edward X: it's mine'.

The other man replied 'That's MY name! I am Edward X'.

Edward then had a much closer look at the disputed article, and could see that it was, in fact, NOT his suitcase.

Amazingly the two men owned the exact same suitcase and had the exactly the same names; coincidence or what!

Edward then returned red-faced to the conveyor belt, where his own case was doing the rounds.


  1. I wonder what the odds are of this happening.

    Great tale!

  2. Sounds like an excellent way of smuggling 20lbs of cocaine into the country...

  3. I had an acquaintance (I almost said friend) who imported a huge amount of coke in a hollowed out hardwood tree trunk (amongst a consignment of many). He was caught, and did porridge; naughty boy!

  4. This story would fit well on my blog today. Very strange, and embarrassing situation.

  5. oops! sounds like something I might have done at some time in my travels!!

  6. Given that so much luggage looks alike, not surprising...but the name part, now that is eerie!
    The one thing I love about Atlanta's Hartfield airport, is that they have employees at each of the exit doors on the baggage level checking luggage tags against tickets. Quite a job, but it must save them tons in shuffling mixed up luggage around.

  7. Far to extraordinary for comfort!

    What I always do is to tie on the handle a brightly coloured scarf and that does help.

  8. Poor Edward. I hope the other fella had a good sense of humor.

  9. Poor buggar what are the chances of that happening?almost the same as winning the lottery i would think lol

  10. How embarrassing for him. Like everybody else's comments - what an amazing thing to happen!


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