Sunday 4 September 2011

Lucques Olives.

I mentioned a couple of days ago about eating Lucques olives whilst drinking Champagne, and I've since received a few quizzical looks.

Lucques are a very particular olive. They are almost exclusively grown for eating, rather than for oil. They are bright green, longish, meaty, and sweet. They have firm flesh, and a deceptively large interior pip. It is claimed that they are the world's finest olive (well, their growers would say that, wouldn't they).

Sadly we don't live in an olive growing region, so our Lucques are imported from further down south. They are grown mostly in the Herault department, in the Languedoc; however, they're now to be found in southern French markets everywhere.

Try them (if you can find them); I think you'll be quite impressed, and their growers will be happy.


  1. If I can find 'em Cro, I'll try them.

    Surprised you can't grow them where you are...

  2. They look good. Olives are a favourite of mine.

  3. One of the quizzical looks was from me...they look and sound delicious...

  4. They look soooo good. I love olives.

  5. We just recently bought some of these bright green olives at our supermarket over here and we love them, they will be regulars from now on.

  6. I absolutely love Olives! But, I doubt I can find any of these in our land of the South.


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