Monday, 10 January 2011

We 3 Knives of Occident Are....

I have 3 pocket knives in daily use.

The 'Laguiole' (bottom) has a horn handle, and stainless blade. This is an indoor, all-purpose knife, that is used for general cutting, nail cleaning, and assorted DIY tasks. I'd rather bite the neck off a wine bottle than use that corkscrew.

The No 8 'Opinel' (center) has a beechwood handle and steel blade. This is in my pocket at all times. It's the knife I use outdoors; mostly when working up at Haddock's. It has no fears.

My latest acquisition, however, is the very new looking No 9 'Opinel' (top) which again has a plain beechwood handle, but this time with a stainless steel blade. This is the knife with which I now EAT.

It's possibly a dying tradition, but here in France, when dining out with country folk, one was always offered a plate, fork, and spoon, but rarely a knife; one supplied one's own. It's a tradition I've always rather liked, and still adhere to.

I'd never imagined myself buying a stainless steel bladed 'Opinel' (heaven forbid), or even a size 9. But, having thrown all caution to the winds, it's proved to be an excellent decision.

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  1. Looking at the picture above, the thing that stands out most, is the table-top. I had it made from old 'cuve' wood. The old 6 ft high 'cuves' were used for fermenting wine, and every farmhouse had one in its cellar. Now these huge open-topped barrels are mostly unused, and their well-aged oak planks make fabulous furniture.

  2. Beautiful knives and indeed a beautiful table top. I especially love the Laguiole.
    Not quite as chic as you Cro, but I've carried a swiss army knife most of my life...amazing how handy the thing is!

  3. The Opinels are a wee bit rustic, but much better as eating knives than the Laguiole.

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