Thursday 13 January 2011

On The Run.

And did those feet in modern time,
walk out of England's jail divine. (with huge apologies to Bill Blake)

People who break society's rules are usually locked away. But in England this often means spending a short while in an 'open' prison, where everyday luxuries (as well as one's freedom) are part of the 'punishment'.

One such prison is Hollesley Bay (a.k.a. Holiday Bay) in Suffolk. In recent times about 250 inmates decided they didn't like it there; and walked off. I believe that quite a number are still at large.

So what do the authorities do in order to round up these dangerous law-breaking criminals? Well they refuse to name them, or to issue their photos, because this would be against their 'right to privacy' under England's wonderful Freedom of Information Act.

So, if you're a criminal (or intending to become one), come to England's green and pleasant lands. Life here's great; even if you get caught!


  1. This seems to be a world wide problem Cro, no wonder people re offend all the time, we have a prison 20 mins away,it used to be low security but upgraded to maximum,in the town where it is this bought all the hard core prisoners families into the area,we are lucky to be in a small town but the bigger town now has so much crime it is ridiculous all the changes came about because of the prison.Although it is maximun,people return time after time, prisoners given an allowance and our tiny local shop making big dollars from lollie and cigarette and coke orders. home away from home one thinks even for the worst offenders,however the jail near my mother in law in known for its barbarick ways and punishments and people desperate not to be sent there,so why not make the prisons all like that..its got me beat...maybe all yours ran away to Oz after hearing what a hoot it is here lol.

  2. It's alarming how badly we have lost the plot isn't it Cro?

  3. and all in the name of human rights and political correctness!

  4. it never fails to shock me how people behave badly and still scream that they have rights...happens here too...we actually give them a lawyer and end up sending them away with huge amounts of money.

  5. and the victim is usually ignored.

  6. I have just heard that 5 prisons are being shut down in the UK....hummm> worrying too!


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