Thursday 6 January 2011

Chips Off The Old Block!

My oldest son, Kimbo, is in the hotel business (he manages a big hotel for an American guy whose name rhymes with 'Lariot').

In his wisdom he has always taken his two boys, Harvey J and Ollie, to 'proper' restaurants, and I'm pleased to say that they always behave themselves impeccably, and always eat in a civilised manner.

Here they are in a restaurant pretending to be twins, quietly occupying themselves with paper, pens, and other attention-demanding devices.

In France children have ALWAYS been welcome in restaurants; sadly, this was not so in Blighty. But with the UK now being such a 'foodie' country, I think at last the tide has changed. Children should be both seen, and heard (but not too loudly).


  1. I have found that some parents expect too much from a young child in dining establishments, here in the US. Three hour dinners for a five year old is asking just too much. I blame the parents and not the child.

    Do you find the older you get, the more like your father you have become?

  2. Lady Magnon tells me that that is so. Personally I refuse to believe it!

  3. in the states (at least) both parents must work to have the house and lifestyle that the male provided in the 50's. The only thing is the children are fed processed sugar ladden food stuck in a microwave all day.

    I am more hot headed than my dad. It must be the Irish in me popping through.

  4. I agree Cro...provided it is before their bedtime. I'd would like to feel secure when making a reservation for 8.30 that childish conversation (from parent or child) wont be dominating the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant while I dine on my very expensive dinner.
    Like Grouchy...I also don't think it's fair to expect a small child to enjoy adult pursuits such as sitting, eating and drinking for hours on end.

  5. I think they always go out for Lunch at the moment. Dining will be a few years yet.

  6. Like Tess says -'Great little chips!'

  7. Beautiful boys :)
    Charlie comes pretty much everywhere with us and always behaves wonderfully and enjoys going out for meals but I also wouldnt take him after maybe 8ish.

  8. I read this yesterday morning and went and got the kids ready for school before leaving a comment. I do that a lot unfortunately. So, here's my late post: They're adorable!


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