Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hold onto your morals; it's Popey.

We all knew that Benny had grown wings, and become a Punk; but did you know of these two tantalising Vatican snippets? I certainly didn't before a few days ago.

Q. Which 'country' has the lowest 'age of consent' in Europe?

A. The Vatican. (12. No surprise there!))

Q. Which 'country' has the highest crime rate in the WORLD?

A. The Vatican. (aprox 600 crimes p.a. for population of 500)

Well, well, well.... Next they'll be telling us that they're a tad sexist too!


  1. Careful, Cro - you'll get thrown out of France. Get Popey's latest haircut! Modeled on a Gonk.

  2. didn't he just approve condoms for his flock?

  3. Maybe that was just for The Vatican!! Sounds unlikely.

  4. The pope was actually looking at my blog once. Seriously.

  5. I hope you had it exorcised afterwards!

  6. The Archbishop of Canterbury held the public library door open for me once - seriously.

  7. Pope, Papal, Papa. . . Papa don't preach


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