Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January Morning.

Mist lying low in the silent fields, under a huge swathe of multi-coloured sky; that's a perfect January morning landscape.

It's almost 8.30 am, and this is the view from my studio window, as I look out directly in front of me towards the East. Our village church, of which you can just see the spire, is exactly 2 kms away.

There is total silence and total peace, and, if I didn't read papers or listen to the news on TV, I could almost imagine that it was the same throughout the world. Sadly I know differently.
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  1. Lucky YOU! That is a gorgeous setting.

  2. And you're becoming a dab-hand with the camera...

  3. Just got a new one, Tom. 12 million thingies!

  4. That's absolutely gorgeous. Very nice picture.

  5. I think 'they' say ' what one can imagine, one can make real'...keep thinking those thoughts Cro!
    Beautiful photo!


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