Saturday 1 January 2011

Ready, Steady, Go!

Day one of a new year (1.1.11.). No saint attributed. Perhaps no-one offered their services as the Saint of Hangovers. Aspirations? Not really. Hopes maybe, but no resolutions; nowadays I need to make those on a daily basis.

Desires? Yes; some. Wishes? Too many; too diverse.

Physically. Well I suppose the old machine needs more care and attention.... but what the hell. I'm not the do yoga/eat lettuce/my body is a temple, type. My current fuel of alcohol and protein seems to keep me going OK. Maybe I need more of both.

So, whatever your bag, may it be filled with all that you need, and may we all reach Dec 31st 2011 in at least as good a condition as when the year began.

My VERY best wishes to everyone!
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  1. Saw the New Year in with Jools Holland. First act on was Wanda Jackson..... what on earth was Jools thinking of... She was so bad that I went to bed.

  2. Damned fireworks woke me up at midnight. Happy New Year Cro!

  3. I couldn't agree more. Wanda Jackson was abysmal. I said to Sami that she was out of key and lacking in charisma but after a few glasses of bubbly she didn't seem to notice.

  4. She'd also lost all sense of 'phrasing'. It was already after midnight here, so I gave up! I couldn't see Rico Rodriguez in the band; I wonder if he's retired?

  5. 1.1.11. - Love it!
    All the best to you and your family Cro.

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours Cro...let's make this a good one for all of us!

  7. We watched Michael Parkinson and then the London fireworks. The Parky show was a bit iffy but the fireworks were something else. Have a great 1.1.11 yourself Cro - and Lady M too!

  8. Too bad about Wanda Jackson. This really wasn't the best year in music, IMO. Good tidings for a Happy New Year my friend. Peace, amy


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