Sunday 23 January 2011

The Sunday Dog!

My friend Terry, Oscar's owner, is off gallivanting again, so he's come to stay for a couple of weeks. He and my neighbour's dog, The Black Bast*rd, are really good friends, and when they're together they're in doggy heaven.

Canine friendships are quite touching, so I like to see them get together as much as possible.

However, Oscar and our Freddie are slightly wary of each other. Oscar wants to be friends, but Freddie, typically, is suspicious of all dogs.

I'm trying to get them used to each other's close proximity, and it seems to be working. The warmth of the stove unites them, and they just stare at each other in a slightly cautious manner. No flying fur as yet.

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  1. I love that photo. I think Freddie is 'top dog' though.

    I once made the mistake of introducing our airedale to a cat. I still shudder at the memory. The milkman almost met a similar fate.

  2. Your garden looks like a whiskey advert.

  3. Oscar reminds me of Chipper, a white Westie we used to have while the kids were growing up. He was a lovable dog. We now have three cats. They are a lot of fun. Cro, I like your fire stove and your decor. Wishing you the best hoping Freddie and Oscar become best of friends!
    Lord Thomas of Wellington

  4. My youngest daughter has a bulldog and a rescued cat. They've lived together for over two years now. It's still a work in progress!

  5. Oscar wants that chair. And anyway, cats are up to something. They're always up to something . . .

  6. Hi Cro, at our place george our cockatoo is still trying to work out if Molly is an animal or a floor mop,last night they did the mexican standoff then George climbed back onto his favoutite chairback and ignored Molly,which I think is what all men do when they are sick of us women lol.Carole

  7. Love your pictures, Cro. Looks like Freddie is showing Oscar who's boss!


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