Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Dear Little Deer.

You may have to enlarge the picture to see four of the Roe Deer who regularly fatten themselves on vegetables from Haddock's. Here they are, heading over for breakfast!

Frankly I'm a bit fed up with them; I had one in the sights of my rifle recently, but couldn't bring myself....

In spring things will change. My New Year resolution is to fence-in the whole veg' garden, and even wage war against the wretched bloody White Fly who seem to think they bloody own the bloody place.

So, death to White Fly, and Shove-Off deer. My patience has run out.

p.s. Over the Christmas holiday period, the lads from our local 'St Hubert' (the patron saint of gun-totin' scallywags) hunting club have been out in force. Dogs everywhere, shots ringing out by the dozen, and creatures racing off in all directions. Calm has now returned, and I've just spotted about 12 deer in exactly the same spot as in the picture above (which I took yesterday).... Overly smart animals.

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  1. I once lived in a place where Red Deer grazed. I'd sit up in bed and watch them every morning. Fortunately, I wasn't growing vegetables!


  2. Aw sweet little deer! Saying that, Cro, a bit of venison would go down nicely with the Brussel sprouts. Try sowing some 'boddy' French Marigolds amongst your 'boddy' tomato plants. They seem to work here!

  3. It took me awhile to see those deer, but finally I spotted them in the middle! Looks like they are heading somewhere for a nice buffet. If your garden wasn't so darn tasty they wouldn't come around you know? You should have a scrappy garden like mine and they'd leave you alone.


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