Monday 24 January 2011

Desirable Residence?

There are not many ruins left in my immediate area, but this one is just a few hundred metres away. It's looking for what estate agents might refer to as a 'Sympathetic Purchaser'.

I'm really not sure if the house is saveable, but it has some very good features (underneath all the ivy). Most of the openings are still in place and are all of cut stone, and there are also some rather nice stone pigeon holes. Above, one can see both the original windows and shutters still in place.
The attached barn's walls are still standing, and the arched main entrance still in place. The key stone is dated 1880.
I apologise for the quality of the photos, but it's all so overgrown that this was the best I could do.
I've just clicked the 'Save Now' button. I wonder if it'll obey!
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  1. When you finish the tower, you can get started on this (or Lady M can).

  2. In the provinces, where I live, there are ruins. But nothing in stone. It is rotten wood. I use to discover cemeteries (looking for old plants) that in the same condition as house in the photos. Sad, that happiness was once there.

  3. Wow... How mystical is this! It would really be neat to go inside. I'm sure one could spend much much money in restoring it and adding updated facilities. Thanks for sharing! When I see places as this I always wonder about who lived there and what their lifestyle was, etc.
    Lord Thomas of Wellington

  4. That is the coolest thing! Maybe you can find a way to get in there and take some pictures from inside . . .

  5. There's not much left inside. Mostly the remains of the collapsed roof.

  6. How nice to stumble across things like this, makes you wonder what stories they could tell of the past.Did I miss the finished tower you were building,if so I will have to go back and read the old blogs.Have a great day.

  7. Uh-oh. Maybe we should trim some of the ivy back from the manor?


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