Sunday 9 January 2011

Wanted; Type 35.

I wonder if I could ask you to have a look inside your garden shed, barn, or attic, to see if you've got something that looks like the above, hidden away in a dusty corner. I'm looking for one, and am prepared to pay decent money.

Given a rub-down with a damp cloth, and a lick of paint, they look a bit like this. Just an old car really, no roof, no lights, not much of a windscreen; but I'm not fussy. I just want an old blue car with four wheels, and the word Bugatti written on the front.

I was going to buy a faithful replica made by an English company named Teal Cars, but I think they've folded. Maybe I'll still find one somewhere.

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  1. If I find one I'll let you know...

  2. My dad was in the car biz. I love cars and old cars. Keeping an old car up is tough when repair parts are no longer made 'after market'.

    Great made me think of the Austin Healy S100, BN2 my dad was so excited to give me.

  3. You should have said sooner Cro, I threw mine out for scrap last week. (P.S. Is that a stretch of Brooklands in the bottom photo?)

  4. Tom, it looks like the banked track at Brooklands; you're probably right.

    Jim, the first sports car I ever drove was an Austin Healy 100-6; the one before the 2000. A REAL sports car. I seem to remember that it had 'overdrive'.

  5. Hi Cro, yes overdrive and electric fuel pump which took seconds to start...mine was a 1955 and to correct myself, it was a 100M,BN2. no roll up windows, pull cord door opener, adjustable windshield. Pure sport. You had to wear thick rubber sole shoes as it got HOT inside and made the petals hot. I had to come to a full stop and creep over the railroad tracks as I knocked many mufflers off (under the driver side door), and I never knew you had to tighten spokes (got down to 13 on one wheel before I discovered what those little wrenches were for that came with the car,lol).

    But oh what fun!

    I drive a Mazda MX5 (Miata) now. Its more like an MG Midget. A toy.

    The upright 4 cylinder block in that Bugatti photo looks similar to the Healey, I wonder who supplied the motor and if it was the same company?

  6. Yes, isn't that a wonderfully simple engine etc. Brass carb', single piece of pipe from radiator to block, rack and pinion steering. If only they made cars that simple today.... and it did 100 mph.

  7. Nope, I just looked and there is nothing like that around here.

  8. I can see you whizzing around the French countryside, goggles in place, ascot trailing in the wind.

  9. The car in the pic. is actually a type 37- the 35 was 8 cylinders.
    If you want a near replica T37, try Onyx Sports Cars in Lincolnshire- looks quite good, and uses modern components. A bit cheaper than the 200k plus for a real one!
    Healey never made their own engines, by the way. Bugatti always did.


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