Saturday 15 January 2011

Mr & Mrs Brock and Family.

Maybe it's because I was brought up reading Rupert Bear books that I have such an affection for Badgers. As far as I'm personally concerned they do no harm, although I do understand that they both spread Bovine TB disease, and destroy certain crops.

Just 200 metres from my front door is this huge Badger set that probably contains a dozen or so creatures. The photo above shows just one of the entrance holes; in all there are about six.

The whole complex is constructed in amongst a pile of very large old tree stumps, and, I imagine, involves a formidable system of underground rooms and passage-ways. The piles of excavated earth are huge.

Recently some hunters arrived and put down dogs. I believe they shot a couple as they tried to flee; then just went away. If this was done in the name of 'sport', then it wasn't very sportsmanlike. If it was done to rid the area of Badgers; then it was inefficient, incompetent, and stupid.

Why not just leave them alone. I'm sure we can live side by side without reverting to pointless slaughter.

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  1. You need Henry to come over there and do his dachshund thing. I can't say what happened for sure, but last year I found a dead opossum in the backyard, and Henry was looking awfully proud of himself those next few days. He's so sweet inside the house . . .

    Anyway, badgers are cute. I wonder what it is that makes dachshunds want to rip their heads off?

  2. We don't have badgers in our part of the world Cro (at least I don't think we do), but we do have skunks. I try to feel kindly toward these critters, they really don't do any harm, unless you have a dog who has a stupid affinity for chasing them and then the smell...for days and days, utterly stomach-turning.

  3. As odd as it must seem, I've always wanted to experience the smell of a Skunk. We are told from birth how awful it is, but unless one smells it for oneself....

  4. We don't have many badgers in my neck of the woods, but we have loads of ground hogs, fondly referred to as "woolly boogers".

  5. My next door neighbour knocked on my door the other day to say that three racoons were living under my garage, entering from her side of her garden. She seemed quite distressed and was looking to me to do something about it. I've seen them at night walking about along her garden wall, they just stop take a look at me and carry on...they don't get into any garbage, apparently they are well fed by other neighbours, so I didn't think having the three of them lodge under my garage a problem. I said when they become a problem, I'll decide then if the problem is worth giving them an eviction notice, until then they were welcome. She wasn't impressed...I've noticed that the she has now boarded up the entry to their underground home, I know they aren't in there, thank goodness, I'm just glad she doesn't own a rifle! I'm going to keep an eye on her next door, just in case she starts sporting one of those Davy Crockett hats.

  6. We LOVE badgers, sadly the only one we have seen near us was at the side of the road after being knocked down by a car :(
    They are beautiful animals and I get very angry at how inhumane some 'humans' can be!!!

  7. We have badgers here too, Cro, they're amazing little animals. I hate pointless slaughter too!

  8. I have lost 5 guinea fowl babies and a couple of hens to badgers
    powerful animals that can eaily break into a coop if they want to!
    pretty and handsome animals but a pain sometimes!

  9. John, we lost a whole load of Guinea Fowl chicks once, but that was to Rats. We've also lost loads of chickens to Dogs and Foxes. Everything has to eat to survive, but hopefully not from a plate of OUR making.


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