Tuesday 20 July 2021

Paté 2021; the verdict.

I wasn't really intending to broach my January batch of Paté until we had family with us, but as this may not happen this year, I couldn't resist.

It contains more foie gras than my usual recipe, which doesn't really show in the photo.

It is very good, but with the same firm texture that all my Patés seem to have; I would like to make some with a more open 'spreadable' texture, but it eludes me. Flavour 10/10, texture 5/10.

I'm not equipped in Brighton for Paté making; and I don't suppose I could buy fresh foie gras anyway, so this could have been my last production for some while. Maybe we'll stay here anyway. 

This (below) was part of the production process in January, showing the ratio between Pork and foie gras.


  1. Maybe you will stay. How could leave all this homemade goodness.


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