Saturday 2 May 2015


Throughout my life I must have owned at least 20 different BBQ's, some have worked well, others haven't worked at all.

I have only two criteria when buying a new one; that it burns ordinary charcoal, and has absolutely no knobs on the front. They need to be as simple as possible.

This one is German; it's the second of its kind that I've owned, and it works perfectly.  Being quite small, it is ideal for when we're alone (I have a bigger one for when we have guests). They come in bits (well they would wouldn't they), but are easy to assemble.

This is what the whole thing looks like (in the rain). It stands about 50 cms tall.

In the top picture I was BBQing a whole breast of Lamb; one of my favourite meats to cook outdoors.

If you're looking for a small size BBQ, and you come across one of these, I recommend them.


  1. What else would a BBQ burn if it didn't burn ordinary charcoal, a forest?

    1. Mostly gas. I can't stand gas BBQ's; no fun.

    2. Oh, I see; I agree. Dreadful things, I dont count them as BBQs.

    3. I fully agree with Rachel...
      gas "barbecues" are outdoor gas hobs!!
      And now we've got these new things called "Plankas"...
      I've got a hunk of cast iron to go on top of our barbecue...
      a kettle one like yours Mr. Magnon...
      and it works perfectly...
      it is called a GRIDDLE!!

      Our twin of your machine came from Wilkinsons...
      aka Wilkos... in the UK...
      but they seem readily available, in season, from the bricos or Intermarché.
      And the joy of a cast iron one...
      it doesn't rust to nothing in a year...
      ours is now twenty years old and has travelled to Holland, Germany, Austria, Scotland... and other places of interest.
      And the kettle shape makes it an excellent wood burner later of an evening as the night draws in and the temperature drops.

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  3. Living as far North as we do Cro the BBQ Days are so few and far between that we don't even own a BBQ. However, that breast of lamb looks scrumptious - one of my favourites.

  4. I like the stand - handy for mushrooms!

    1. Bracket mushrooms are growing everywhere this year.

  5. I'm afraid to say we have the gas with knobs variety. A Weber. Still we have so few BBQ days in the UK that we need to make it an event.


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