Wednesday 20 May 2015

Labour Leadership Race.

Comrades, I am very sorry to report that the son of my old chum Tricia Milmo (Mr Chuka Umunna, above) is no longer standing as a Labour Party leader candidate.

His good looks, good taste, membership of an exclusive City club, and a healthy private income, would have been a breath of fresh air to an otherwise lacklustre, and outdated, political party. Plagued by their rowdy supporters, and let-down by their even rowdier leaders; it's going to take some doing to get them back to being even half-credible, and Chuka might just have been the man to do it.

No doubt the big-wigs will, instead, opt for a classic Trade Union sponsored lackey from the People's Republic of Islington (or similar). Preferably with a poor degree from the LSE, and more than likely with a social worker/lawyer wife in tow.

So comrades, we can now look forward to some pseudo-communist left-winger, making the party's return to Number 10 a guaranteed impossibility for the foreseeable future. Chuka would have been a very good choice, but intelligence, wealth, and common sense, always spells danger for the left, so probably best that he's quit the race. Maybe they'll give him a shadow front bench job instead!

Ne'er mind Chuka, it was fun while it lasted, and I almost had a new dinner party topic to broach.


  1. Have a nice day!

  2. I'm hoping he will defect to the Tory Party.

    1. It's where he naturally belongs....I blame his mother.

  3. I really liked him, too. I even learned how to spell his name ....

  4. Perhaps all politicians could be morphed into people of good looks, private income and with "good taste" and then all those of similar background could feel safe and unchallenged.

  5. Only owning a radio, I didn't realise he was rather handsome! :-)

  6. I promise not to mention politics again.


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