Sunday 17 May 2015

The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra. Sunday Special.

For those of you who are not off to church on this Sunday morning, here's some alternative fun. Old guys in suits, big brass section, great musicianship, plenty of hats, and driving around London at night in a crazy cab. What could be better!

And I'm looking forward to my glass of Bangarang this evening; cheers!


  1. No church here , I liked the band.

  2. Great stuff. I went to Gresham village hall, near Greshams School, and saw a band of about 15 people playing like this, average age about 16, a few years ago. Great bangarang night. . They played all round North Norfolk one summer, mother of one of them was a friend of mine, her 15 year old son had dropped out of high school and gone to live with one of his teachers, mum didn't seem to mind and never reported it to anyone. He was a great musician. I wonder what happened to them, the band that is, not the teacher and they boy. ( It was a female teacher).

    1. Ska is very suited to young bands. It's usually not too difficult to play, it's lots of fun, and good results come quite quickly. Ideal.

  3. Love SKA especially after a few scotches to lubricate my dancing legs


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