Thursday 7 May 2015

Welcome, Princess Charlotte.

This is the birth certificate for Princess Charlotte. A certificate no different to anyone's in the UK.

All births are miraculous, and all parents are rightly proud of their new arrivals. Birth represents nature in its purest form.

But I've been really quite disturbed by some of the disgraceful comments that I've read following the recent birth of Princess Charlotte; mostly on 'Facebook'.

Her parents seem to me to be a very pleasant ordinary couple, by chance caught up in a family where hard work and long hours are obligatory. Simply by a fluke of parentage, they have been signed-up to life at the objective end of the world's microscope; a life I wouldn't wish on anyone. Then when a baby arrives a few idiotic anarchists send hate mail, and write derogatory comments about them.

None of us choose our parents; we get what turns up, and we make the best of it. Some are born into wealthy families, others struggle to get by. Fortunately very few are born into such tight royal circles where one's life is rigorously predetermined.

Those with huge chips on their shoulders seem to think that the birth of Princess Charlotte is the perfect excuse for an outpouring of venom, but Kate and Wills are young people just like anyone else, and unwarranted hatred is hurtful. They eat three meals a day (if they're lucky), they catch colds in winter, and they get up at night to change nappies; they are really no different to the trolls who berate them.

In some ways I feel sorry for their detractors; to live a life of such anger envy and hatred must be debilitating. So I urge all those who have recently spilled their bile, to try to be happy for Kate and Wills, as others probably were when they themselves were born. They now have a beautiful little daughter, who I'm sure will grow into a well balanced hard-working individual. 

Don't be envious of them, they have a very hard life ahead of them. It may seem like heaven to live in huge houses amongst such riches, but, believe me, they look upon their surroundings in exactly the same way that you and I do.


  1. Wonderfully put, Sir Magnon of the Cro....
    trolls and their like are the interweb equivalent of the have-nots who...
    upon seeing a nice new car on their street...
    someone's carefully saved for joy...
    and run a bunch of keys or a Stanley knife along the side.... or kick in the headlights...
    they are but vandals who do not belong in the Human race and should be booked on the first rocket to the heart of the Sun!!

    And here's to William & Kate and their sprogs...
    may they have a happy life considering the job that they've been born into...
    a job that they cannot avoid....
    a life without the freedom that you and I enjoy...
    at least, thanks to a "restricted" media in those days...
    Victoria was able to have a real anonymous touring holiday in Scotland...
    these poor kids will never have that opportunity...
    I wish them well, I wish them peace.

  2. May has been so interesting on your blog. Will Freddie be doing a guest post? I can't think of anything more to say about the new Princess, you, and Tim, seem to have said it all, except I agree with you both.

  3. Well said Sir! I wish them all the joy in the world with their new baby……I wouldn't want to be them enduring the scrutiny of the world whenever they " go public". Hope they can keep up the good work of protecting their children from the worst aspects of the media.

  4. Add my agreement Cro - now with all the methods of social media,as Tim says, they can't blow their noses without speculation that they have a cold. It is not an easy life - alright they never have to worry about money, but against that they have absolutely no freedom whatsoever. The Princess Royal had the right idea with her children - they have grown up away from the limelight. But no such idea for those so close in line to the throne. I wish them all the best.

  5. Totally agree. Evil trolls have something missing in their grey matter. I wish the Royal couple and their family health and happiness. They have a life time of work ahead of them, it's the luck of the draw where you are born.

  6. And as for grandma, how many women are working as they approach 90! The Queen is an amazing woman by anyone's standards. I wouldn't say that she has had it easy.

  7. I totally agree Cro ……. there is a great deal of envy out there. They work really hard and bring a great deal of money into the country…. they will never be able to live a 'normal ' life but they do try to keep out of the medias gaze as much as they can. I wish them many happy times with George and Charlotte. XXXX

  8. I'm with you Cro. Those young folks have a life before them I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Every move they make is observed, recorded, analyzed. Like a butterfly on a pin or a smear on a microscope. Takes a strong person to live with that. Welcome to baby Charlotte.

  9. Social media has given a voice to those who live under a rock. It is so disturbing to see this hate that finds a home on the Internet.

  10. I read somewhere that Kate is never spend a day alone her entire lifetime (same for the Queens, William etc) She will always have guards in her house, photographers anytime she ventures outside and be under the public eye. Immense pressure. They not only work hard for charity, but they bring a lot of money to the UK in tourism. I wish them the best and hope they have much joy with their children.

  11. Every village has an idiot. Now thanks to the internet they get to voice their opinion, such as it is, to a far larger audience.
    One of my sons, I have seven, flies the Apache helicopter and was on the same intake as Prince Harry.
    He said he was a very nice chap who loathed the whole Royal hoo haw. He was extremely glad that William was the elder but felt sorry for the existence that he would have to live. In the Army he could just be himself, socialise with whoever he liked.
    The Army still had to shred and burn his rubbish though as the press will even root like hogs through that!
    Congratulations to William and Kate an new life is always to be celebrated.

    1. An Apache pilot, eh? I suppose that's the ultimate in helicopters; pure menace!

  12. Very well put Sir Crow, I completely agree. One of the best things I ever did was to close my Face Book account. I was going through some things at my parent’s home which is just about ready to go on the market and found one of those commemorative books on the late Princess Diana. Next to it was a large envelope that was filled with news articles that my late mother had saved all dealing with the princess and her tragic end. Makes our lives seem ideal.


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