Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Naughty Fido

Monty: Really Bok, that's disgusting. I though you were house-trained!

Bok: It wasn't me; honest.

Monty: Well it certainly wasn't me, so who else could it have been?

Bok: It must have been that Freddie. Bloody cats!

Freddie: The bastards; they always blame me!!!!
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  1. Ha ha! Monty turning away in disgust. Bok seems fascinated with it. Accidents will happen.

  2. hillarious....looks like someone was naughty...lol

  3. Have you been to the Joke Shop, Cro?

    If that were 'cat droppings' my old Pippin would have hidden the evidence for them...and pleaded for more.

    1. Lady M is just back from Blighty; she bought it to amuse the grandsons (which it did).

  4. What would be REALLY funny is if the dogs get the idea that dumping on the sofa is OK.

    Bok: 'Are you sure this is OK?'

    Monty; 'Didn't you see how Cro put it there himself and was giggling like a school girl when he took the photograph?'

    Bok: 'You're right. Let's lay a couple of good ones and surprise him, he'll be ever so pleased!'

  5. Oh ho, I wasn't fooled. Dogs would never sit that close to IT if it was real.

    But it does look great.

    Reminds me of those lines in the 'Top Secret' movie :
    'Here, you forgot your phony dog poo'
    'What phony dog poo?'

  6. I knew before I read the comments that that was no Bok or Monty doings! Theirs would be bigger, I would think. I bet the Grands just loved it, I know two of mine who would have a blast with the ugly thing!!!

  7. Hahahah! Okay, in my house that poop wouldn't have lasted long enough for a photo, because one of the dogs would have eaten it within ten seconds...

  8. Perish the thought. Monty and Bok are far too refined.
    Little boys, however--the grosser, the better.
    I have a feeling Lady M is an unforgettable grandmother. ;-)


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