Saturday, 13 April 2013

Al Fresco Scratching and Daubing.

Stage 1. Find suitably paintogenic location; hopefully not too far from where the Compact Royce can reach. Go to spot several times just to survey it. Think about it some more. And some more. Decision time.  

Stage 2. Load the car with every possible piece of kit imaginable, even with stuff you know you won't need (like a magic wand). Haul it all to the site. Breathe deeply. Do arm swinging exercises (Bauhaus style). Start daubing.

Stage 3. Will I keep the finished job? 

The answer is 'possibly'. I'll hold onto it for a while, until I go back for a second, more simplified, stab. I do tend to destroy more than I keep.


  1. Fun. I like it. Makes me want to take the kids to the nature park today for an art outing.

  2. keep slogging away, Cro, there is something about that scene that captures your imagination.

  3. I agree with Taradharma. Just keep it up. You'll get better and better. Your style is obvious. Sometimes artists strive to develop one for years and you've got an interesting one already. If you don't have a sketch book-get one and use it. You can elaborate on what you've done already.

    By the way-we had a very successful trip to Paris and we took your advice and visited the Medieval Cluny museum. It was awesome, really. I love those old Medieval style paintings. The style is so fun and you can actually get right next to them and study as much as you want. The idea that things were so old took our breath away. Interesting about the king statues missing the heads as they were lopped off during the revolution and found not too long ago in the basement of either the Louvre or Notre Dame-can't remember which.

    But I can understand why you love that fair city. It is unbelievable. After we had been all through Versailles and the grounds I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind going through the palace a second time! It took my breath away and I couldn't get enough. I ordered a gorgeous coffee table book of Notre Dame (the paintings! Oh the paintings!) Plan on getting a Versailles book also. I can't find anywhere on the internet who the artist was that painted the cupboard doors inside the Cathedral treasury. Sooooo cool!


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