Monday, 22 April 2013

Lady Magnon's Buns.

When Lady Magnon returned, recently, from a two week stint of grandson-sitting in North London, she brought back the usual selection of items that we are unable to buy over here. Tinned Haggis for me, Polo mints for journeys in the Compact Royce, and (as it was a Sunday) a 'complete' copy of The Sunday Times for herself. 

She also brought back a 6-pack of Waitrose Luxury (professional) Hot-X-Buns. What a delight!

Understandably, 6 Hot-X-Buns don't last long in the Magnon household, so she decided to make more herself and they were very good (these two pictures are of HERS).

OK, it may no longer be real toasted-bun weather, but they're going down very well with our afternoon cup of Lapsang. A few even went to the freezer, just in case it turns cold again.
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  1. They do look good - reminded me I still have some gluten free ones in the deep freeze - not nearly as good.

  2. A hot-cross bun is not just for Easter. Yum.

  3. Oh yes, good enough to be eaten all year (like me and mince pies).
    Well done Lady M, you created a masterpiece.

  4. I have never had a hot X bun! But have sung the song lots! I really live a sheltered life..........

  5. Oh yum, my gran used to make them for us when we would visit summers. I have not had them in at least.......50 years? Oh my, now I am depressed.

  6. Definitely toast bun weather here. They look delicious


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