Friday, 29 July 2011

Monty's best mate, Bok.

It's extraordinary to witness how much these two adore each other. They usually get together at about 6.00am each morning, when I take them both for a walk, and it's like watching long-lost brothers meeting up after decades apart.

Bok or Bock (I've not asked how it's spelled) is Monty's 'bestest bestest'  friend in the whole world. He lives about 500 metres away, and they've known each other since they first quit their respective mothers' sides.

They can spend hours together play-fighting, chewing each others ears, rough-n-tumbling, or just (what looks like) snogging.... After which they then sleep for hours in each others arms.

The one breed of dog that I've had more dealings with than any other, has been the Border Collie. A dog for whom the word 'faithful' was coined. I'm sure that Bok is only about 50% BC, but he has all the attributes of a perfect companion; certainly our Monty thinks so.

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  1. Good to see them get on so well - wish our cats did. Just went into the lounge to light the fire and found a mouse (luckily dead) not sure which cat caught it.

  2. Freddie used to bring them up to our bedroom at night; usually alive! Guess who had to deal with them?

  3. This is lovely Cro...when the chickens come it is going to be hilarious as our sons labrador loves chickens,chasing and catching them I mean,how faithful are these dogs just wonderful ..

  4. Hello:
    This is wonderful. Recently, when staying with friends in the country, they have two dogs, a Daschund and a cross German Shepherd, who played together in exactly the same way as Bok and Monty. It is really good to see.

  5. Very touching to see that Cro. I wish my Faith had a doggie companion.

    My pooch only has eyes for her Dad!

  6. animals, especially dogs, can be great examples to us humans sometimes, don't you think Cro?
    Would that we all could just get along so well!

  7. Bok looks like Montys shadow in that picture.

  8. I am never surprised and always touched when animals create a bond with each other.
    our welsh terriers, Cj the goose and Badger the hen.....the pigs......

    all have a certain need to be together

    just like the two dogs

  9. So nice. I love when animals bond like this.

  10. That's why we usually get our pets in pairs. Then they aren't only depending on US for playtime, and we can always find a wealth of entertainment by watching THEM play. The only problem is, when something gets broken ... we don't know for sure "which one" of them's the culprit.

  11. They look as if they're having a great time. Wish all neighbours were as much fun!


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