Friday, 8 July 2011

Post Numero 600: A Half-Hearted Apology.

Reading someone else's posting yesterday morning reminded me of a telephone 'problem' we had many years ago when I was about 16 or 17.

We lived on the south coast of England, and our telephone number was the same as that of a Hairdresser in a nearby village; although the dialing code itself was totally different. People imagined that the code was the same as the larger nearby town (where WE lived), and would dial our number to make an appointment.

The young Cro, and the rest of his immediate family, became rather pissed-off with all these unwanted calls, and we eventually had words with the salon owner (twice), asking him if he could stress to his clients that the code for HIS village was totally different to that of OUR nearby town.

Nothing happened, and the calls continued. So whenever at home I decided to accept appointments myself. On a busy day I would make 20 or more appointments; usually for the same time, and (if I was feeling particularly evil) all for the same day. For some reason his clients always wanted to be coiffed in the mornings, at roughly 10.30am.

I imagine, on occasions, there must have been total chaos in the salon with all these women turning up for their weekly blue rinse, or their Thatcher-like perm', insisting that they were the first to be seen.

I would now like to apologise to all those women whose time I wasted, and also to the salon owner himself. Of course, given the chance I'd do exactly the same again (it was strangely empowering).

Some time later the calls stopped. Wisdom must have prevailed, and I presume he changed his number. Shame!

And the moral of this story? Well, there isn't one!... You'd be spoiling someone's day if you double-checked your hairdresser's phone number. Best to try to memorise it; there's probably another Cro out there somewhere!


  1. I had a telephone once which was one digit different from Bath Spa Railway Station. Enquiries would begin at 4.00 am, and end around the following 2.00 am. I would punish the transgressors by sending them on journey's that they would never complete.

  2. i can't decide if you are both bad good boys or good bad boys. Technology is a wonderful thing but put it in the hands of the wrong people and you end up waiting in line at the hairdressers.

  3. My work number was very similar to that of a doctor's. At least once a month someone would call, not listen to the greeting and then start spouting out the most personal of information. I would try to interrupt them, but most went on as they were anxious and wanted to get their message through. I always felt so bad when I told them we were an air conditioning company, and although we could help with their hot flashes and piping, there was nothing else we could do for them.

  4. Our phone number has been the same for 24 years. About 12 years ago the newly relocated regional hospital and a doctors office had new numbers that are ONE number off from ours. You would not believe some of the patients who call leaving messages that they cannot make their appt, or need more medication, etc. I bet they were wondering: "Now, why hasn't that Dr. called me back?" Good post! Maybe I should start making appointments! LOL.

  5. little boys and phones......
    a bad mix

    my mother once recieved a "dirty phone call" from a "youngster" messing around....he informed her that she would look lovely naked in the bath!

    when she repeated the conversation to my father over lunch he choked so hard on his fish, I thought he would have a seizure

    shame on you cro

  6. This is absolutely hilarious! My accidental shared line with a rabbi pales in comparison.

  7. It was YOUR problem T that reminded me of this.

  8. oooo you little devil. When I was very young our house phone was the same number but different area code for Dynorod!!! You can imagine the conversations my Dad used to have at odd times of the day!!

  9. Well now, you DID try to tell the folks at that salon now, didn't you? I would've liked to be a fly on the wall when all those women showed up at the same time. Annoying, yeah, but also funny as all get-out.


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